Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hey, wack3jo here, and I'm going to be doing a mod review.
The mod I'll be reviewing is Rorschach Jack, by KillerofSheep.
If you don't know who Rorschach is, just google him.
Anyway, here he is

He's dressed in a brown jacket, shoes, and hat. A white mask with black splotches/dots, and grey gloves.
I found him a really cool and diverse crosshair to use, with his mask and indian jones style hat.
All the running, jumping, and hitting animations work well (his jacket seems to fly up a little as you break blocks :) ), but I personally found that having black dots on his mask move up and down as he walks a little too much.
If you played with that for an hour or so, it would either get on your nerves (like me), or you'd simply stop noticing it.
The climbing animation was another small problem. His head seemed to grow a little when you stepped onto a ladder :(
This is only minor, and could be fixed easily.
Over all, are pretty good crosshair.
Give it a try, and tell me what you think :P

Download: Junk Jack Forum

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