Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello anyone that actually views my blog :)
I've been working on a new crosshair type, called Jmods.
They're simpler versions, with a body, head, hands and feet.
This is so crosshairs can be drawn more easily by those not used to modding, and quicker, for those who are.
You need to edit it, because it's been seperated into 4 layers.
The head and body.
The feet.
The hand in front.
And the hand behind.
Once you've done all the editing, first save it as a pdn file (otherwise you would not be able to edit seperate layers), then merge all the layers together and save it as a png file (this allows you to install it on your idevice).
To edit it again, open the pdn file, not the png, and repeat the steps above.
Hopefully this helps :D

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  1. you should make a panda!!! that Would be boss...